HUNU Reusable Cup

HUNU Reusable Cup

Coffee on the go? Day out in the city? Camping? Hiking? Cycling?


This is the collapsible, convenient, leak-proof cup you've been looking for! It is BPA-free, made with the worlds safest food grade materials and slim enough to fit in the smallest pockets or bag. HUNU was designed in London and only took a month to become one of the most successful crowdfunding projects in history. It can now be found in over 70 countries around the world.


  • Holds 12OZ / 355ML of liquid
  • 2.5CM when folded down
  • Made from FDA and LFGB certified food grade silicone.
  • Free from BPAs, Phthalates and all other nasty chemicals. 
  • Completely leakproof once folded.
  • Incredibly easy to clean. 
  • Why go reuseable?

    Every year 165 MILLION Coffee Cups are thrown out and cannot be recycled because of their plastic coating. Coffee cups are also made with virgin paper meaning millions of trees are cut down to manufacture all these cups every year.  The plastic lining also contains BPA's and a lot of other nasty chemicals that leach into your hot drinks and end up in your body!